Rafael Arroyo

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The American Dream

Rafael Arroyo has lived the American Dream. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Rafael, and his family moved to Las Vegas when he was six years old. A proud graduate of Rancho High School, Rafael had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Hard Work & Perseverance

At just 23 years old, Rafael established the first Smog Plus location in 2008. Now, his business has grown with 10 locations across the Las Vegas Valley, becoming a leading name in emissions testing, emission repairs, and third-party DMV registration services.

Employing over 25 dedicated individuals, Rafael wants to ensure Nevada is the best place for his employees to raise their families, send their kids to school, and achieve the best version of themselves.

Leadership Through It All

With 17 years in the automotive industry, Rafael has put his experience to use to help other small businesses grow. As the President of the Registration Services Association of Nevada, he championed Assembly Bill 288 in the 2019 Legislative Session. This groundbreaking legislation solidified the third-party registration services industry in Nevada Revised Statutes.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic when the DMV had limited access to walk-in customers, this law played a crucial role in ensuring Nevadans could access essential services. Thanks to Rafael’s leadership, the industry has grown from approximately 40 small businesses in 2019 to over 80 today, providing valuable services and employment opportunities.

Connection & Commitment

Rafael Arroyo is deeply connected to our community. He is a proud member of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, further demonstrating his commitment to the diverse voices and businesses that make Nevada vibrant.

Rafael understands the challenges faced by everyday Nevadans and is dedicated to bringing positive change to our state. That is why he’s running for Assembly District 41.