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Hispanic Assembly candidate speaks against lax crime laws after business set fire

March 18, 2024

Hispanic Republican candidate for Nevada Assembly Rafael Arroyo is speaking out against criminal justice reform after his Las Vegas business was set fire by a homeless person.

“We have some camera footage of a homeless lady in the area at that time. It seemed like they broke in and started a fire inside a shuttle bus that we use as a mobile office parked right next to the small building. I think that when people have addiction problems or mental health issues, they make choices like that,” said (R) Candidate for Nevada Assembly District 41 Rafael Arroyo.

Hispanic business owner has to deal with unmanageable circumstances

February 14, 2024

Rafael Arroyo was taking a stand when on Saturday morning in Las Vegas he heard the devastating news about one of his businesses getting burned down.

On the Record With GOP Assembly Candidate Rafael Arroyo

February 12, 2024

GOP candidate for Assembly District 41 (AD-41) Rafael Arroyo is no stranger to politics, yet this will be his first time running for office, and in a district that is swinging towards a republican advantage.

California’s ‘soft on crime policies’ are bleeding over to Las Vegas: Rafael Arroyo

February 12, 2024

Hispanic business owner Rafael Arroyo rips Democrats’ crime policies after drug addicts torched his Las Vegas business on ‘Varney & Co.’

Hispanic business owner, GOP candidate rips Dem crime policies after drug addicts torch his Las Vegas property

February 7, 2024

A local Hispanic business owner running for public office isn’t parsing words when it comes to Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies after one of his properties was torched by drug addicts over the weekend.

These people actually want to go to the DMV in Nevada

May 13, 2023

When Sasha Johnson moved to Las Vegas from New York City in April, she bought a car. The dealer told her she would be able to register the car online, and Johnson thought nothing more about it.